Poetry Review: BROKEN FLOWERS by R.M. Drake


4 Stars

(Not his best, but definitely awesome)


“I Used to Love You” by R.M. Drake

And I loved you

for the way you wrote music on my skin.

And you loved me

for the way I played the strings on your hair,

and together we made love in such a way

that artists do

when they create their works of art.

But in the end, none of that mattered,

for you were just another music lover,

and I

was just another one of your songs.

Poem: How to Not Forgive by Trista Mateer

How to Not Forgive

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When I was small,

I remember my mother saying

that she believed aliens helped build the pyramids.

She used to keep crystals around.

She used to carry healing stones.


She used to believe my father would always come back to her.

Now that she is older,

she prays to the nail marks in someone’s palms


but i don’t think she believes in forgiveness anymore.

She sent me to Sunday school in little floral dresses,

not to torture me but to learn this.

Hurt me once: shame on me.

Hurt me twice: shame on me.

Hurt me three times: shame on me but fuck you.

Hurt me four times and we’ll get severed-head biblical.

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We will pick up stones.

And now that I am older,

I don’t give a damn about sin.

I will be the first to cast one.

(A poem from this amazing collection)


R.M. Drake’s Haunting Poetry


She was broken from moment to moment


watching her world collide 

she felt lost inside herself.


She fell apart for a passion

that flamed beneath her.

She waited

and died a hundred times, 

it dripped from her pores.

The moment she let go,

she soared

over the stillness

like the star she was born to be.


(A poem from Science.)



I’m a fan of poetry.  Good poems teach me lessons in writing.  

A poet must be concise, descriptive, and emotional all in a few lines. 


That’s a pretty goddamn awesome skill to have. 


So . . . I’m always reading poetry. 


And Robert M. Drake has always had a luscious way with words. 



How could I live above the water 


or breathe under it?

How could I swim in darkness consumed in an ocean of you?


Falling or flying towards you.

Losing or finding myself in you

and beauty was never the word to catch all that you are,

for now i know

the means

never the word

to catch all that you are

for now i know the means

of the infinite

and it all starts and ends with you.


I definitely enjoyed the poetry! I found the author just from walking around Wynwood in Miami and seeing his poetry written on the sidewalks. Later, I googled him and found his books.

This one is definitely a keeper!! I give it FIVE STARS!!