Book Review: ART & FEAR

“To make art is to sing with the human voice.”


“To do this you must first learn that

the only voice you need

is the voice you already have.”

“Art work is ordinary work,

but it takes courage to embrace that work,

and wisdom to mediate the interplay of art and fear.”

I have thirty published novels

and am a full-time writer

that STILL deals with Fear as an artist.

I was happy to read that this is a normal part of making art.

“fear arise when you look back,

and they arise when you look ahead.”

This book helped me get over my fear.

This is a must have for ALL ARTISTS!


Poetry Review: BROKEN FLOWERS by R.M. Drake


4 Stars

(Not his best, but definitely awesome)


“I Used to Love You” by R.M. Drake

And I loved you

for the way you wrote music on my skin.

And you loved me

for the way I played the strings on your hair,

and together we made love in such a way

that artists do

when they create their works of art.

But in the end, none of that mattered,

for you were just another music lover,

and I

was just another one of your songs.

Book Review: Bound & Determined


3.5 Stars.


Although over three hundred pages,

this was a quick read.

Lots and lots of sex.

There were times when I wanted

them to take a nap or get something to eat.

I know the poor heroine had to be exhausted

after the author finished the book.

The actual suspense part of the plot kicked in

toward the end of Act Two.

By then I’d been so satiated and dripping with

sperm that I barely followed

the thrill of the small mystery.

By the end of the novel,

I was intrigued by a little twist

in the mystery

and some more sex. . .

Over all I give it 3.5 stars due to

the sex overloading and exhausting me.


Additionally, it shocked me that

the heroine was a virgin

and got it in so much in the beginning.


That being said. . .

this is my new go-to author for erotic romance.

Loved her sex scenes.

She draws you into the heat

and doesn’t let go until your burning on fire.

Book Review: UPROOTED


How I feel after reading this book.


Now that I’m back writing fantasy,

I’ve been grabbing some new reads to jump back in the genre.

Uprooted was an awesome welcome back!


So we have this amazing world with a haunted forest.

The mystery of the trees were the best part of the story,

after the lovely (and slow building) romance.


But back to these trees!

This was a super creative retelling of a folktale that just blew my mind.

To explain it would be to spoil it.

I would just say that if you really love fantasy and

don’t mind that there is a small amount of romance,

then jump on this now!

There’s a small, itsy bitsy sex scene.

That’s a few sentences so if you’re looking for steamy

than this isn’t a good fit, but if you want amazing

world building then sign yourself up.



Book Review: Rainshadow Road

 4 Stars for sure.

In Rainshadow Road we get to escape to an island

and follow the months of a new love.


While the subplot with the bitchy

sister got a little soap opera,

I found the story engaging and sexy.



There was some paranormal elements that seemed thrown into the story and not really explored. If taken out the story still would not have changed. So I think the whole abilities part came out of left pocket so I took a star away. Other than that, I will def be reading more from this author.

WEDNESDAY: Dark Friends with Benefits Romance


The man with the brooding hazel eyes that seemed to change color based on his mood, an old soul, and a perfect butt.


So we have a sort of Dark Best Friends with Benefits situation.

He left me sore and feeling used, hot semen running down my legs as he tucked himself away and zipped up.


She’d been my best friend since I was a little kid–and now she was my f#ck toy.

So. . .



I enjoyed this book, but gave it 3.5 stars due to 2 reasons:

  1. I wanted more!! (Yes, I know (to my readers) I’m one to talk about a book being too short. Well, I get it now! Next three books will be super long!)
  2. (WARNING: SPOILER-ish) I believe if two scenes were in the book then it would have been a 5 star novel. These are the two scenes we should’ve saw, instead of been told about:

Funeral Sex Scene put at the beginning of the book.

Storm Scene where the Hero has the breakthrough to change his ways.

I think with those additions this novel would’ve been a 5 star golden ticket read.

Other than that I enjoyed the story. I love Kendall Ryan’s stories and will always check out her books. It was a short read and complete for me in less than an hour.

Hot stuff!