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Write Like a Mutha

Write Like a Mutha came from scouring the internet for other moms who balanced motherhood with writing. I wanted to know how they did it and how I could help others do the same thing. I know there’s a myriad of ways to mother as well as write and I’m interested in hearing about all the ways that motherhood and writing converge.

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About Me

Hi, my name is Kenesha and I’m a writer and a mom, probably a bit like you. Struggling to find the time to balance motherhood and writing, but fiercely invested in both. Since 2015 I’ve been the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of a speculative fiction literary magazine that centers Black women as main characters. I’ve also been an indie writer since 2013 with various works published under my own name and a few pen names as well.


My new publisher AWESOME ZachEvans Creative

will be releasing HEARTBREAK HOTEL this December

(Dark Friends-to-Lovers Romance set in Key West)!



It’s been a long time since I’ve released a novel, but I’ve been writing nonstop and submitting TONS of manuscripts (Fantasy, Dark Mystery, and Romance) to agents and publishers all of 2017. I had several bites and will be announcing agent news and upcoming releases soon.

These novels are not available anymore and both series are pending completion due to a legal battle between Swoon Romance and me over royalties.
Hopefully, this will be amicably concluded in 2018.

SANTERIA: Two publishers are discussing representing Santeria Habitat series book 4, 5, and 6.
And I announced already that a screenplay is being written for Fire Baptized BK 1 by a film director to shop the concept. More to come as I continue to click on my inbox like a crazy person daily.

POWER’S SEQUEL: The sequel is called REVENGE and follows the same cast, but a closer focus will be on Crusher and Harmony. One publisher is reviewing Power and the first half of Revenge to decide if they will do a book deal for the series. Fingers crossed.

WHAT’S UP WITH THE SILENCE? Due to nonpayment of royalties, balancing single motherhood, and my uncle’s death this summer, I decided to lighten my load and stop publishing my own books. I loved self-publishing, but producing novels slowed me down from writing them. It also cost a lot.

Now I write, write, write.
And my awesome new pubs produce and release.

The STRUGGLE was real in 2017.
But I’m stronger
and I KNOW
that I didn’t come THIS FAR,
to come THIS FAR.

KW always keeps it moving.   


HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Flirting with Chaos (New Adult Multicultural Romance)

If you haven’t read Flirting with Chaos,

then you’re missing out.





***Dark Interracial Erotic Romance


“Sometimes it’s okay to kill,” Dad said.“If you’re saving someone else in the process, Rainbow.”

Dad wiped my tears from my face with bloody hands. “Go ahead, sweetheart. Do it for Daddy. Pull the trigger.”

And I did.

 photo gunshot_zpsf3ef6b61.gif





This isn’t your mother’s romance.

It’s a deranged adventure through twisted addictions that arouse the body and mind. . .

Swim at your own risk.




Rain: artist, mentally stable
Jude: future rock star, sober

Our bodies formed into one entwined link,

one grinding sensual movement of skin upon skin. 


Laboring breath skimmed across shivering flesh. Sculpted muscle molded against stiff nipples. The area between my thighs knew no pleasure till that moment.


We collided, and all I could do was hold on.

Jude dominated me, and he did it in the most delicate movements–tortuously slow. 


He took his time. 

The piano played,

the notes mingling with the sweat of our sex,

the crashing of the waves, and the sound of my cries. 


Dear God, he took his time, until flickers of an orgasm turned into a bomb of passion that detonated inside and exploded through me.