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A provocative meditation on poverty, art, sex, & God.

Hungry is a collection of poetry, prose, and illustrations about a struggling writer’s battle with poverty and motherhood, her exploration of lust in this digital dating age, and her quest to end soul starvation.


Dear Reader

This is my journey through words
when the screams and fighting
wasn’t enough


I wrote this
when he broke my heart

I wrote this
when I couldn’t pay my bills

I wrote this high as hell

I wrote this
when we had no place to sleep
and nothing to eat

I wrote this
when I couldn’t say
the words out loud

I wrote this
for you
to learn
from my mistakes
and make new ones


And so
this journal
these entries
these moments and poems
should be free
because I can’t sell you my heart

That’s what you’re getting
when you read this book


this book
is also
about the grind

The struggle

There’s no skating in this book
There’s no quick win in this book

Just a sista ready to die for words

Ready to hurt
Ready to starve
Ready to cry
Ready to sacrifice it all
Ready to go broke
Go hungry

2 thoughts on “New Release: HUNGRY is Live!

  1. joan

    Hello Ms Wright, I read “Flirting with Chaos ” a few years ago and still waiting on followup book. This was my first book from you but definately my last. You are an amazing writer and wondering if we will see sequel anytime soon for Flirting with Chaos? Thank you


      I had not planned on writing a sequel. However, there has been a lot of people asking for one. I will consider it later in 2018. For now, I have a good bit of series to finish this upcoming year. Thanks so much for asking!

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