Book Review: UPROOTED


How I feel after reading this book.


Now that I’m back writing fantasy,

I’ve been grabbing some new reads to jump back in the genre.

Uprooted was an awesome welcome back!


So we have this amazing world with a haunted forest.

The mystery of the trees were the best part of the story,

after the lovely (and slow building) romance.


But back to these trees!

This was a super creative retelling of a folktale that just blew my mind.

To explain it would be to spoil it.

I would just say that if you really love fantasy and

don’t mind that there is a small amount of romance,

then jump on this now!

There’s a small, itsy bitsy sex scene.

That’s a few sentences so if you’re looking for steamy

than this isn’t a good fit, but if you want amazing

world building then sign yourself up.



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