WEDNESDAY: Dark Friends with Benefits Romance


The man with the brooding hazel eyes that seemed to change color based on his mood, an old soul, and a perfect butt.


So we have a sort of Dark Best Friends with Benefits situation.

He left me sore and feeling used, hot semen running down my legs as he tucked himself away and zipped up.


She’d been my best friend since I was a little kid–and now she was my f#ck toy.

So. . .



I enjoyed this book, but gave it 3.5 stars due to 2 reasons:

  1. I wanted more!! (Yes, I know (to my readers) I’m one to talk about a book being too short. Well, I get it now! Next three books will be super long!)
  2. (WARNING: SPOILER-ish) I believe if two scenes were in the book then it would have been a 5 star novel. These are the two scenes we should’ve saw, instead of been told about:

Funeral Sex Scene put at the beginning of the book.

Storm Scene where the Hero has the breakthrough to change his ways.

I think with those additions this novel would’ve been a 5 star golden ticket read.

Other than that I enjoyed the story. I love Kendall Ryan’s stories and will always check out her books. It was a short read and complete for me in less than an hour.

Hot stuff!

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